A Kabbalistic Perspective

I see those shadows now. The reasons are many: some are economic, while others are religious. The philosophy behind it is partly logical.

The macro affects the micro. Whatever happens to the mass has a direct impact on the individual. We are in the middle of two wars – one religious, the other economic – caused by an old system of money transference without a trace, called “Havala”. It is used on the entire planet. All the money from the sale of drugs and oil is kept in vaults in form of gold nuggets. This is bound to threaten the economic order of the industrialized nations unless we go back to a gold standard. The strategy of Islamic states is rather more complicated, based on very strict religious edicts. All these changes are due to the fast approaching Aquarian Age because of the precession of the equinoxes.

The sale of illegal drugs and oil has empowered Islamic and other countries to buy arms in the open market. This has threatened most of the world markets. We see the evidence of this in form of agitations and attacks in various countries.

If we do not move quickly to face this tsunami, then the entire economic system and the world civilization will face a challenge almost impossible to deal with. All the trees that stand erect when faced with a storm are uprooted. And that is the law.

Our civilization in the Western Hemisphere is built on social and economic rules. What if, because of internal unrest and economic pressure and a lack of faith in the mighty dollar, the Chinese government decides unexpectedly to unload US treasuries by the trillion? Can you give me a logical solution befitting the urgency of the situation? The result will be a total crash of the entire economic system. The USA has taught the world a society based credit and about 100 currencies of the world are in parity to the US dollar. When the US dollar dies, other nations die too and have no one to turn to. The world GDP and the political systems are facing a peril the dimension of which is very hard to imagine.

The coming war shall not require aircraft carriers we boast a lot about. It shall be a jungle war. And dogs will eat dogs. It is stupid and makes no economic sense to use an atom bomb to kill a mouse.